Gw2 norn ranger pet

What pets would you recommend as essential for a versatile ranger to charm, one who wants to spend as little time looking for pets in all the right places? I just started a new ranger and realized that I haven't spent any time playing it because I don't want to spend much time taming pets. Been there, done that on another ranger already. If you'll pardon the pun, the adventure of seeking them all out has lost its I don't mind if they are easy or challenging to reach.

The goal is to keep the number of pets to the minimum without sacrificing adaptability. Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations.

Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back! Your best thing is just to look up the builds and make yourself a short list. Iboga, bristleback, lynx and warthog for condi.

Essential Pets for a Versatile Ranger

Personally not a fan of jacaranda but it seems like a popular pick. Maybe fern hound if you want to power or condi druid: it's weird in that its regen acts as if you applied it and charged ca. I'm not too wild about any of the other underwater options, and usually take a River Drake for power or a Lashtail Devourer for condi. I won't take a Shark, because I hate having to figure out where underwater enemies are after they've been feared.

The speed is nice, but the leaps on the way to nodes or to get out of a bad situation is amazing and the heal is clutch. Oh for sure. Illconceived Was Na. On my power SB I also like the Rock Gazelle and Jaguar I also use the different pigs when I am out to just aggravate people I based him as a Chill monsterThe following is an abbreviated list of pet locations, designed for those wishing to charm each pet as fast as possible.

Most accessible pet locations Primary article: List of pet locations The following is an abbreviated list of pet locations, designed for those wishing to charm each pet as fast as possible. Local events may remove juvenile owls. Category : Pets.

Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. There is a small group of them swimming above the Wreckage of the Breachmaker. In the cave east of Vendrake's Homestead Waypoint. East of Terra Carorunda Waypoint. East of Brilitine Waypoint in Skrittsatawneyhead around the north side to enter. Hall of Monuments. East of Upper Commons Waypoint. West of Ogre Road Waypointat the point of the first heart you encounter.

gw2 norn ranger pet

Krytan Drakehound. Carrion Devourer. In the heart region for Braxa Scalehunter. Lashtail Devourer. Whiptail Devourer. South of Twilight Arbor Waypoint. Cave under western tip, access from the beach across from Crab Toss Island.

Beware of Reef Drake Broodmother, who likes to hang out in front of the cave.

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Along the river north of Cereboth Waypoint and west of Gort's Pit. Salamander Drake. By the river, southeast of Sentinel Scout Liharn. In a cave northeast of Dragoon Hearth. The entrance is on the surface above the cave networkyou can find the Cheetah after following the tunnel east and then south.The pet is available exclusively for the Ranger profession. Four pets in total can accompany the ranger two for fighting on land, two for aquaticbut only one pet will fight at a time.

Ranger can switch pets during a fight. Pets have 4 skills; three shared by all pets in the same family of animals, one which is unique to that species of pet. Ranger can activate this unique skill. Druid can generate astral force by healing allies and damaging foes. Druid become a Celestial avatar once he gains enough astral force.

Druid's pets' attributes are lower than normal Ranger's pets. Soulbeast is an elite specialization that enables Ranger to merge with his pets through Beastmode. Beastmode replaces pet control skills with new ones based on the pet family. Soulbeasts categorize pets by archetypes. The pet archetype defines the bonuses a Soulbeast will get when using Beast Mode, as well as the Soulbeast Beast skill, which defaults to F3.

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If you can't see or read this image, please, click at "Refresh" button below. Rush at a foe and stun them. Slash your foes and cause them to bleed. Slash your foes and chill them. Blind your foes with a slash.Rangers rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature itself. Unparalleled survivalists with traps, nature spirits, and a stable of loyal pets at their command, rangers can adapt to any situation.

List of pet locations

The pet is the ranger's profession mechanic. NPCs that fight alongside the ranger, with their own user interface that can set basic behavior modes and activate a skill. Four pets in total can accompany the ranger two for fighting on land, two for aquaticbut only one pet will fight at a time. Rangers can switch pets during a fight to adapt to in-game situations.

Pets have 4 skills; three shared by all pets in the same family of animals, one which is unique to that species of pet e.

See list of ranger traits. The ranger is an adventurer profession and wears medium armor. See also detailed list of ranger weapon skills.

There are sixteen possible weapon sets for this profession and it can access two weapon sets while underwater. The ranger can equip and alternate between two weapon sets quickly while in combat. Rangers can craft items useful to themselves with the following disciplines :. In the biography step of character creationrangers must choose one of three pets with which to begin the game.

Amongst human rangers, Melandru is often worshipped as their matron goddess. This key section of the article is incomplete. You can help the Guild Wars 2 Wiki by expanding it.

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The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Ranger. Categories : Articles with stub sections Ranger. Moa — I raised my moa from the egg. Its devotion to me is unmatched, and I've seen it drop an enemy before I could even draw my weapon. Stalker — My stalker is a dear friend.

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It is quiet, still, and as quick as an arrow from a bow. Its intelligence shows in its eyes. Drake — I tamed my drake when it was a hatchling. Now, it follows me everywhere. It has proven itself a relentless and powerful friend. Devourer — My devourer is a vicious and unforgiving fighter. I raised it from the egg and earned its loyalty. It will die in my defense.Pets are the NPC allies that constitute the ranger 's profession mechanic. Rangers and their pet fight as a team, and are always together.

There are currently 50 pets in the game. They can be classified by their family, such as birds, canines, moas, bears, jellyfish, etc; and also the environment in which they can live: land, aquatic, or both amphibious pets. Pets use Artificial Intelligence to fight with the ranger and defend them, but the ranger can also give commands to the pet, such as commanding them to go attack a target before the ranger does, or stop attacking and run back to the ranger. Most importantly, the ranger has control over the pet's Beast skill, an attack unique to each pet.

By default, pets attack the same target as the ranger, or whichever enemy is attacking the ranger. If the ranger moves too far away, the pet will stop fighting and follow. If the ranger is in the downed state, they can still use their pet to help in rallying them by finishing off the enemy or by having the pet revive them.

Pets are only available to the ranger that tamed them. They aren't shared between different ranger characters on the same account with the exception of the Hall of Monuments pets.

New rangers venture into Tyria with one single pet. During character creationrangers must choose one from among three pets to start the game with. The choice of pet depends on the player's race.

Nevertheless, this choice only determines the ranger's first pet. As rangers venture into the world, they will find new pets for them to tame. Any friendly animal green nameplate whose name begins with Juvenile can be tamed charmed by the ranger, unless they already belong to another ranger, by approaching them and using F or double-clicking them.

After a short conversation, with a description written by the mysterious Achtthe pet will join the ranger. Nearly every area in the game, including cities, contains a number of juvenile pets to tame. The list of pet locations has the location of all pets for rangers wishing to charm them all without having to search for them.

A key feature of the pet profession mechanic is the Pet Management panel, which can be accessed by clicking the current pet's portrait above the ranger's skill bar, or by using a shortcut key, which defaults to K. Once a pet is tamed, it will join the ranger and appear in the Pet Management panel, where rangers can choose to have that pet aid them in battle.

In this menu, rangers can view the attributes and skills of their current pet. There is also information relevant only to Soulbeasts : the pet's Archetypeand the Beastmode skills; this information is not relevant at all for rangers or Druids.

Through the Pet Management panel, rangers can also rename their pets. To rename a pet, a ranger has to be using that pet, open the Pet Management panel, then click on the quill icon to the left of the pet's name.

Rangers have to be underwater to rename their aquatic pets and view their attributes and skills. Only the pet the ranger is currently using can be renamed, but pets will keep their name forever, or until their name is changed again. Through the Pet Management panel, rangers can also view all the pets that exist in the game, and select from among that pool which pets -that they have already found in the world and tamed- will help them in combat.

Rangers can slot four pets in this panel, the two upper slots are used for terrestrial pets, and the two lower ones for aquatic pets. Amphibious pets, such as drakes, can be placed in any of the four slots. A ranger can only tame each pet once, and should choose before entering combat which two pets they would like to use: two pets for terrestrial combat, and two pets for aquatic combat, with only one pet active at any given time.

Therefore, rangers cannot have, for example, two Juvenile Polar Bears ; but they can have and use two bears if they are different, such as a Juvenile Polar Bear and a Juvenile Brown Bear.

The Pet Management panel also shows the pet's attributes, their Beast skill, their three pet attacks more on this belowand the location where they were tamed. There are three land pets, the Juvenile Black Widow Spiderthe Juvenile White Ravenand the Juvenile Black Moa ; and one aquatic pet, the Juvenile Rainbow Jellyfish ; that are copies of other similar pets in terms of functionality, but with a different appearance.

They are a cosmetic-only achievement reward intended for players of the original Guild Wars, and can only be obtained through the Hall of Monuments.

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At level 5, rangers will unlock the pet interface, which provides the ranger with some control over the actions of their pet. The pet's health bar is shown in red just above the ranger's skill bar.The bond between a soulbeast and their pet is so strong that they can become one in spirit. By channeling their pet, they become a single entity, attacking with fanglike dagger strikes and using the abilities of their companion and its archetype.

The soulbeast's profession mechanic is Beastmodewhich replaces their pet control skills with new ones based on the pet they merge with. While in Beastmode the F1 and F2 skills are determined by the pet family and the F3 skill is determined by the pet's Archetype.

Each pet is categorized by familydefining the F1 and F2 Skills while in Beastmode. Soulbeasts categorize pets by archetypes. The pet archetype defines the bonuses a Soulbeast will get when using Beast Mode, as well as the Soulbeast Beast skill, which defaults to F3. Leave Beastmode.

Apply protection to yourself. Chomp your foe to deal damage and heal yourself.

gw2 norn ranger pet

Defy Pain. You receive no damage from incoming attacks. You remain susceptible to conditions and controlling effects. Swoop at your foe, making them vulnerable. Quickening Screech.

Ranger Pets Guide

Grant swiftness to nearby allies. Rain of Spikes. Sharpen Spines. The next several hits apply extra bleeding stacks. Crippling Leap. Leap at your foe and cripple them. Brutal Charge. Leap at your foe and knock them down. Tail Lash. Push back a foe with your tail. Devourer Retreat. Retreat by tunneling through the ground.

Bite a foe and gain health.This list of pet locations covers all known juvenile pets in the game, including those that are exclusive to the Hall of Monumentsi. The article begins with an overview of the most accessible locations for each pet and includes detailed instructions for finding each individual pet.

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To find pets found in a specific zonesee the respective zone article - most maps have their own section, e. Fields of Ruin Pets. The following is an abbreviated list of pet locations, designed for those wishing to charm each pet as fast as possible. Green World Hill. Frusenfell Creek. Nentor Valley. The Thunderhorns. Terra Carorunda. Speldan Clearcut. Talajian Piedmont. Brilitine Swath.

Ranger : Pets

Quandry Scratch. Halkor Meadows. Overlook Caverns. Ebbing Heart Run.

gw2 norn ranger pet

Highland Thaw. Icespear's Shelf. The Wide Expanse.